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Tooth Extractions

Woman smiling after healing from tooth extractions by John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology in Boca Raton, FL.Everyone cringes at the thought of any of their body parts getting seriously injured, even their teeth. Tooth extraction is usually recommended as the last resort when no other dental procedure can save your dentition. But at John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology, the last resort doesn’t necessarily imply the most inconvenient. With a combination of state-of-the-art restoration tools and tried and true techniques, we can make a tooth extraction a painless, seamless, and effective restoration procedure for your critical dental issues.

We often perform a tooth extraction to remove wisdom teeth that are impacted or misaligned. But we might also recommend teeth removal to remove teeth that are severely decayed, prevent the further spread of tooth infection, space out an overcrowded dentition, and remove badly broken teeth. We might also recommend teeth extraction to create ample room in the dentition in people who need braces. Tooth extraction might also be necessary for people with ailments that compromise teeth. These include chemotherapy patients and organ transplant patients.

Effective Preparation for Teeth Extraction

Before recommending the dental procedure, we, first of all, examine the affected teeth using x-rays and other top-draw techniques and technologies. The tooth extraction procedure will be informed by what we gather during the examination, including the shape, dimensions, and position of the affected teeth and supporting bones.

We’ll also be guided by the information you provide us during the interview, especially those related to your medical history. You need to inform us about how you’re dealing with any existing conditions such as congenital heart infections, liver disease, thyroid dysfunctions, renal infections, hypertension, diabetes, and immune dysfunction. You need to give us the details of the medications and supplements you have been taking.

We might place you on antibiotics days ahead of the procedure if the extraction is expected to be long-drawn or if your immune system is weak or your infection is widespread, or for other medical reasons.

Depending on the outlook of the surgery, we may also advise you to wear short sleeves or loose-fitting clothes on the day of the surgery, eat six to eight hours ahead of the appointment, abstain from smoking, and have someone drive you home after the surgery.

What Happens During a Teeth Extraction Procedure?

We tailor each tooth extraction procedure according to the patient’s unique situation. But the procedures can be roughly classified into two categories: simple and surgical. During a simple tooth extraction procedure, we apply a local anesthetic to numb the site of the extraction, and then use instruments such as an elevator and forceps to loosen and remove the teeth.

In surgical extractions, we usually apply a combination of local, intravenous, general anesthesia, depending on your medical condition. You may fall asleep and remain unconscious throughout the procedure. We may need to cut through your gums and supporting bones to uproot teeth, but the anesthesia will block away the pain and keep you comfortable.

The Recovery

You may wake up to bleeding gums after the surgery, but that is usually no cause for alarm. We will make sure to send you home with the bleeding plugged. We will recommend remedies for any pain or discomfort, from antibiotics to painkillers and medicated mouthwashes. We will also advise against habits that may derail your recovery, including smoking and drinking with straws.

But what's more important is that at John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology, we take utmost care to ensure that you don’t encounter common teeth extraction complications down the road, including damages to other teeth, sensitive teeth, nerve injury, or prolonged pains. As such, we’re confident that your tooth extraction procedure will ensue successfully without any drawbacks. Call us today at (561) 997-4080 and let’s help extract your damaged teeth seamlessly.

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