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Patient Testimonials

Woman smiling with her hands crossed5 Stars Rating
As a former technician, Electrical Engineer, and ultimately an Engineering Consultant in private practice for 37 years, I have had the good fortune to recognize talent when I see it. Dr. John Lindsay is the best of the best in his profession. He is expert, meticulous, confident, efficient, considerate, and a heart of gold. He is a magna cum Laude in his Periodontal practice.
- M. Schiller

5 Stars Rating
I had to have a tooth extracted and an implant inserted. Dr Lindsay and his staff were terrific. I experienced no pain during or after. They talked to me and explained every step and made me a semi permanent crown that I do not have to remove and looks amazing.

I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with Dr Lindsay and his staff.
- Arlene K

5 Stars Rating
I recently had a big procedure done by the new Periodontist here, Dr. Dan Noorthoek, and my experience was amazing from start to finish!!! First off, I have so much anxiety about going to the dentist that I get nauseous, but Dr. Dan and his tech made me feel so comfortable and shared with me what to expect at every turn. Dr. Dan and Dina both have a great way about them and are so easy to talk to! Moreover, even though I had an extensive procedure, I never felt a thing and didn’t afterward either! It was incredible. Not only that, my new teeth look absolutely amazing. I’m giddy. I'm so happy with it and can’t wait to do the bottoms now. This practice is also in a very easy to find location off Military near the Boca Town Center Mall!!! I highly, highly recommend seeking all your implant, full arch, and Perio needs with this Doctor!
- Jenny B

5 Stars Rating
One of the things about getting older is that you get to experience many new things. I have had the good fortune to need 4 oral surgeries over the past couple of years. They have included periodontal gum surgery, bone grafting and recently I needed to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Dr. Lindsay did them all. Extremely competent, and efficient. All of the surgeries were done with very little discomfort and healed quickly.

The staff is excellent as well. Personable and friendly as well as highly competent. My wife and I are equally happy with the hygienist.If you are looking for a periodontist, you couldn't find a better one than John Lindsay.
- Neil S

5 Stars Rating
I had my procedure done in January 2021 totally life-changing, cannot stop smiling.
There was no pain and within a few days, my soft food diet was on track and I started to enjoy cooking again.
I am so psyched that I will never have to endure tooth pain let alone deal with bad breath and health issues again and enjoy all of the compliments I receive from family and friends. In addition, this procedure gave me additional confidence with not only my personal relationship but with business associates also. If you are a candidate for this procedure, I highly recommend Doctor (Dan) Noothoek with Done In One.
- Don S

5 Stars Rating
I have been a patient of Dr. Lindsay's for twenty five years. Besides being a highly skilled professional, he is a kind and compassionate human being who cares deeply for his patients and goes the extra mile to make certain that they are comfortable and experience optimum results. Having received the highest quality of patient care from Dr.Lindsay and his staff, it is my pleasure to make this recommendation.
- Dee H

5 Stars Rating
Dr. Noorthoek is definitely an outstanding dentist, extremely specialized in implantology that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Impressed by Dr. Noorthoek’s friendly, pleasant doctor to patient manner, best plan of care during the consultation visit, and referred by several friends whose dental issues were very well taken care of by him, I opted to have Dr Noorthoek do the tooth implant for me though I have to pay him out of my pocket, a pretty reasonable price for his out of expectations work, though I have good insurance coverage as he doesn’t take any insurance.

Dr. Noorthoek skillfully removed my problematic fractured tooth and put in the implant in a blink of an eye, no discomfort at all despite I am very sensitive to certain local anesthetic drugs, and I never need a pain pill afterwards.

A tooth implant experience with Dr. Noorthoek was nice, easy, relaxed, & pain free. I would have been happier should I hear of him before my several previous tooth implants. His assistant was super nice. I really appreciate their great job and glad that I am ready to have a crown now.
- Polly T

5 Stars Rating
Had major periodontal surgery under the care of Dr. Lindsay. From the moment I entered his office I was warmly greeted by his dedicated friendly staff which made the experience so much easier. A special thanks to Connie and Carmen who assisted Dr. Lindsay with my procedure.
- Angela C

5 Stars Rating
The skills of the surgeon, Dr. Noorthoek, are exemplary. I have had a fear of dentists since I was 6 years old and I can honestly say I felt ZERO pain during the extraction procedure, using only several local agents. Full disclosure, I am a retired doctor and understand anatomy, meds and procedures, This procedure was outstanding. The doctor employs a state of the art laser scanner to take the place of the multiple molds of your teeth and jaw you used to get. I chose the Zirconia top and bottom full arches and am extremely pleased with the result one year out.
- Robert J

5 Stars Rating
Efficient, knowledgeable, and competent.
Dr. Lindsay took the time to sit down and explain what he was going to do.
He has a remarkable staff of people that work with him. I would say he may very well be the best Dentist I have ever gone to.
- Mike S

5 Stars Rating
I'm always looking for reviews on everything so I'd thought I'd share mine. I did my research with 4 different offices for evaluations and pricing on the extensive work I needed to have done. After the initial sticker shock, appointments, and the run around ...I had lost hope. Thankfully, I found Dr.Dan Noorthoek with Done in One! I can't say enough about my whole experience from the start to the finale.
Dr. Dan was truly genuine in discussing all aspects of the procedure and Linda organized an unbeatable price for my new smile and was always a text away from any concerns I had from day one. The procedure was no IV sedation and almost painless and my recovery went very well. It's true you absolutely do walk out with an anchored smile and my new smile is absolutely glamorous! I feel so much better about myself now and extremely was well worth the money! I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his staff at Done in One for anyone who needs a new smile. The hospitality I received was A-1 top notch! Many thanks to all Dr. Dan, Linda, Lashy, Mike, Nick, and staff! XOXO Don't put off what you can do today..CALL NOW! You won't regret it!
- Angela V

5 Stars Rating
Dr Lindsey is a warm and highly skilled periodontist who has performed complex implant surgery for me more than once and each occasion has produced excellent pain free results-I can not recommend him more highly.Further,his staff/especially Linda and Connie are wonderful,and his dental hygienists like Crystal are also outstanding.In my opinion having lived and worked in Boca Raton for 40 years,Dr Lindsey is the premier periodontist in our area.
- Benjamin T

5 Stars Rating
Dr. Noorthoek is an awesome, one-of-kind dentist that specializes in dental implants. I had all my teeth extracted at Done In One in 2018 and replaced with implants and non-removable teeth. Not only is my smile perfect but I haven’t experienced any mouth pain ever since. I’m convinced that Dr. Noorthoek could do this procedure blindfolded in half the time as any other doctor. If you’re interested in full-arch reconstruction, get it done right the first time by someone who has made it the focus of their career.
- Mike O

5 Stars Rating
I have been a patient at this office as long as Dr. Lindsay has been in practice and would recommend both him and his staff for their competence and friendliness.
- Lee H

5 Stars Rating
Dr Noorthoek was very caring and personally followed up with me after the procedure to make sure everything was good. Office staff were very accommodating and flexible. I recommend Dr Noorthoek dental implants.
- Ira R

5 Stars Rating
I owe Dr.Dan my life!!!! I was told by many doctors that I would have dentures for the rest of my life until I saw Dr.Dan he made my dreams come true with implants. I have a beautiful smile and my self-esteem is through the roof all because of him ❤ Thank you Dr.Dan!!! U ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST
- Ashley R

5 Stars Rating
I have been to many healthcare providers for a number of things; never ever have I had the level of experience as with the folks at Done In One. I've never been a lucky person, until I was sent to Done In One for failed implants and chronic pain at the hands of another. The place is immaculate! Something that's very important to me.

Upon my arrival at Done In One, I was greeted with professionalism, kindness, respect, compassion, and laser attention to all of my concerns with hand holding during and after every step. All of my questions were answered and addressed at the time of asking. They listened and were completely non-judgmental. I desperately needed a second chance at life
after a near fatal crash took my smile.

Through no fault of my own, about 8 months ago I did my due diligence and researched. I thought I had the best I could get in Florida; I was trusting, excited and very, very wrong.

After speaking with Done In One, they said that they can help. They had explained that they'd do everything necessary to achieve my desired outcome.

In a very short time; they did. The caring folks at Done In One corrected all the faux pas done by a previous dentist and gave me back the ability to eat properly, no more pain, and a most beautiful smile. :)

With all of the deserving adjectives above, they gave me a great start to a 2nd chance at life. I am extremely ecstatic!!!

They say "God helps those who help themselves." Help yourself, go to Done In One at 2600 North Military Trail in Boca Raton, Fl. Achieve your dreams.

A million thanks, Done In One.
- Mary H

5 Stars Rating
I was introduced to Done In One after a year of meeting with the choice that wasn’t so clear they wanted me to take a second mortgage out and have only 20 plastic teeth for one full year and then get my permanent teeth, well a lot can happen in that year that you paid for and have no permanent teeth but the science backed this revolutionary process to get permanent teeth in 48 hours since your mouth is healing why not heal with your permanent dental implants? Well I did just that: went in on a Monday and Wednesday I had a permanent set of lowers & uppers which transformed my smile and life! I give 10 stars to the procedure and solution. It completely changed my life ! Here’s looking at you! And smiling[8230]
- Glen M

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