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Scaling and Root Planing

Diagram of scaling and root planing at John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology in Boca Raton, FLMost people struggle with the diagnosis of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. They envision invasive surgeries, and expensive procedures as part of the treatment course. However, this is not always true. While the disease mercilessly attacks the tooth enamel, gum tissue, and even the bones of the upper and lower jaw, if diagnosed early enough, the disease, while progressive, can be reversed and even cured. Early treatment of gum disease includes dental cleanings, and scaling and root planing.

The problem is that if the disease is not detected early enough, it is not curable and the symptoms cannot be reversed. Patients will have to deal with it for the rest of their lives, maintaining the symptoms and the disease through periodontal maintenance appointments, and later on, surgical treatments are necessary.

Whether you think you may have periodontal disease or just need more information please contact us today at John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology. We can perform a thorough evaluation and determine which treatment is best suited for your situation.

Common Causes of Gum Disease

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. When at normal levels, it can keep teeth and gums clean from food particles. However, when these bacteria grow to dangerous levels, they can turn into tartar which can then become plaque. If it has turned into plaque, there is no way to remove it other than during a professional cleaning with a trained dental technician.

These bacteria can be removed and kept in check by simply brushing and flossing two times a day. If it is not regularly removed it can cause irritation to the gums causing not only swelling but bleeding as well. This can easily turn into gingivitis which is the first level of gum disease. It is also the only point at which gum disease can be reversed and cured.

There are contributing factors that can increase your chances of contracting gum disease. Some of those factors include smoking tobacco or chewing tobacco. Even eCigarrettes have been associated with increased risk. Even specific medications can contribute to periodontal disease by drying out the mouth and diminishing the cleansing effect of saliva.

Treatment Options

While there is no cure for periodontal disease, there are treatment options available to alleviate some of the symptoms and to also slow the progress of the disease. These options include both surgical and non-surgical options and can provide relief. Typically, non-surgical options are only a viable solution during the earliest stages of the disease.

Flap surgery and regeneration are both surgical options. While they can combat the symptoms, not even they can cure the disease.

The non-surgical options include antibiotics. Much of periodontal disease is caused by bacteria, in many cases, but a course of antibiotics can stabilize the oral cavity. Typically, antibiotics are used in combination with either scaling or root planing. With scaling, the object is to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar from the teeth and clean not only the portion of the tooth above the gumline but also the portion beneath the gums. Root planing involves smoothing out the rough areas of the root so bacteria cannot attach to the surface.

If you are interested in hearing more about treatment options of periodontal disease, please reach out to our office at John A. Lindsay and Daniel R. Noorthoek Periodontics and Implantology. You can always call our office at (561) 997-4080 to set up an appointment.

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